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M/S Bhakti Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1986. The Objective of the firm was manufacturing & Processing of Textile Auxiliaries, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Cosmetics base and different types of Natural waxes

The Project

Firm is in to Production of Textile Auxiliaries, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Cosmetic base and different type of Natural waxes, which have great potential in Domestic and International Market. Firm has been set up with the objective of establishing its Leadership in this Lucrative Market.

The long team view of the Firm is to manufacture a wide and comprehensive range of bulk drugs and pharmaceutical products. The Firm his having a plant for the manufacture of waxes, Vegetable tallow binder, yarn sizing, Chemical ointment base and cosmetics intermediates with Capacity 1080 TPA, with no requirement of license for Commercial production.

Location & Infrastructure

Manufacturing Unit is at W/251A, MIDC, Shivaji Udyog Nagar, Dombivli (East) with plot area 800 sq Mt with shed area 4000 sq ft and Development area 3000 sq ft the Unit is eligible for all government license. It is well connected by road and Railway rest of the country. A well quipped lab with quality control department. The shed consist of Strong room, Lab, Office, Boiler room, Rest room, Packing area and Dry area a small garden for worker recreation.

Regst Off: 303 Swasti House, 70 Kazi Sayed Street, Masjid (W), Mumbai - 3.

Business Prospects

There is enough demand for Quality Textile Auxiliaries, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Cosmetic base and different type of Natural waxes in the Market with Superior Technical and Production Knowledge of Mr. Shailesh B Sarvaiya, the Firm had achieved optimum production capacity in the shortest possible time.


The Management of the Firm is Vested with the expert Manager Comprising of industrialists and professionals with vast Financial, technical, Managerial and administrative experience, headed by the Manager Mr. Shailesh B Sarvaiya, Suppoted by a team of experience professional manager from Disciplines. Mr. Shailesh B Sarvaiya has 32 years of experience in manufacturing & Processing, who joined the Firm in 1988. Mrs. Anjana Sarvaiya, one of the active Director of the Firm joined the Firm as Production Manager in 2002 and is made Director in 2004.